Best Dark Web Scans - 2021

We've reviewed two of the top Dark Web scans that can help you protect your Identity online. We provide free, honest, and comprehensive reviews of the top rated Dark Web scanning services available. Websites like TruthFinder and Experian allow you to run complete Dark Web scans on yourself using only your email address - from the safety and comfort of your computer.

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The most thorough and accurate dark web scan that offers 24/7 customer support and additional features! Best bang for your buck.

Not very much information for the price. Did not include a comprehensive report of all personal information that was posted online.

Commonly Asked Questions About The Dark Web

What Is The Dark Web?

The "Dark Web" is an area of the internet that's only accessible with special software. This specialized software allows hackers to transmit, post, and buy/sell stolen data completely anonymously. Every time there is a data breach like the ones experienced by Equifax and Yahoo, that data ends up on the Dark Web where identity thieves purchase the information and wreak havoc on the lives of hard working Americans by stealing their identity.

What Kind Of Data Shows Up On The Dark Web?

It can be anything really but we've listed the most common below:

How Can I Use Dark Web Scans?

Dark Web scans are a way for you to monitor and protect your identity. You can use a Dark Web scan to see exactly how much, if any, of your information is floating around on the Dark Web. Even something as simple as an email address and password could potentially allow an identity thief to gain access to your bank account and credit cards. The best scans also include a full report of all personal information that's available online aboout you. Even the data in your public record can be used for bad things when it's coupled with private info like a social security number.

How Accurate Is Data Found?

Unfortunately, if there's a hit that means it's almost certainly your information.

Are Dark Web Scans Free?

No, not really. The initial scan is free but it costs money to source data and organize it into reports.No legitimate, reputable dark web scan is free. This is one of those industries where you get what you pay for. Even sites like Experian who advertise a "free dark web scan" eventually ask for money.

How Much Do Dark Web Scans Cost?

The pricing model varies from company to company. The most reputable companies allow you to sign up for a month-to-month subscription that allows you to monitor the Dark Web continuously.