TruthFinder Dark Web Scan Review

Our #1 pick for top dark web scans in 2018.

TruthFinder's comprehensive Dark Web and Personal Information scan are far superior to the competition. By allowing me to view how much of my private info was on the dark web in addition to my public record I'm able to get a complete picture of exactly how much of my personal information is online. With recent data breaches from companies like Equifax and Yahoo this type of service is a must have for 2018.

  • Dark Web & Public Records Scan
  • Social Media Report
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Personal Background Report
  • Identity Restoration Included

Our Score9.8

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Founded in March 2015, Truthfinder is the leader in online public records and background checks. However, they've recently expanded their product to include a Dark Web scan. I found that this gave me a very detailed report that showed me exactly how much of my personal information was on the Dark Web. The user interface was slick and easy to use and the amount of information returned was shocking.

To test TruthFinder's Dark Web scan, I figured I'd use my personal email address that I use for things like accessing bank accounts and credit cards. I figured this would be the most valuable email address to an identify thief.

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Truthfinder's Dark Web Scan

When I first landed on the site I was greeted with a straight forward interface (pictured above) asking me to input an email address. Easy enough.

Dark Web Search Page

After entering my email (which I've blacked out for privacy reasons), my search was under way. This took a minute but it's my understanding that the Dark Web is a complex network of servers and systems so I can't imagine it would be instantaneous. While the search was running it showed me a list of all the types of information that could be returned. I was getting anxious.

Dark Web Result Page

Crap. I was honestly shocked that my email address came back with a hit. I consider myself computer saavy and I'm VERY careful with my passwords. But I guess no matter how careful you are, your info can still get hacked.

At this point, I'm wondering if my password is exposed and if so, how did it happen. I decided to continue through the process and enter my name and state to complete the process and get a full report. After I located the rest of my public records I finally made my way to the report.

Dark Web Report

One important thing to note here: It took about 24 hours before the full scan was completed and I started to get the details of what was available on the dark web. Apparently, the initial scan checks if your email is on the dark web but it takes 24 to 48 hours for the service to really dig in to get the details. What came back was shocking.

Email Address

My email address had been compromised. I don't want to go into too much detail for my own security but my password had been exposed in July of 2017 on some sort of identity theft forum on the Dark Web. At this point I'm really wishing I had run this scan sooner. This is an email address that I use for banking so I immediately changed all of my passwords on all accounts associated with this email address. What was more surprising was that this was a gmail account, not some fly by night email provider. It just goes to show how important services like this are in this day and age.

One of the benefits of TruthFinder is that you can enter all sorts of information that you want to scan the dark web for, including additional email addresses, credit card numbers, and even your social security number. After reviewing the site's security credentials, I was comfortable entering in all of this information. I wanted to see how much more of my information was out there. As a test, I entered in my yahoo email which I know had been hacked in the past. TruthFinder correctly identified that my password for this account had indeed been floating around the Dark Web so I knew the service was accurate.

Additional Features

In addition to Dark Web monitoring TruthFinder offers a number of other features as well. It really is a one stop shop for information on people.

Report Monitoring

Dark Web activity is constant. While you can easily change your passwords when you hear about a big data breach on the news (equifax, yahoo, adobe, etc.), most breaches go unreported for months and in some cases are never reported as the companies usually don't want anyone to know that they've been hacked. That's why constant and continuous monitoring is so important. With a service like TruthFinder you can rest easier knowing that if your data is hacked, you'll know about it quickly and can change passwords and update accounts before the identity thieves get their hands on it.


Dark Web Monitoring Pricing
1 Month $9.95

Customer Service

According to the website, TruthFinder offers free customer support by email, chat, and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I didn't have any technical issues while I was conducting this review so I can't speak to the quality of their customer service. But the fact that it's available day or night is comforting. They'll even help you get your identity back in the event that it's been stolen.

Bottom Line

TruthFinder's Dark Web scan has potentially saved me from Identity theft. I wasn't aware of it before running the scan, but my email address and password were out there on the Dark Web. That's scary. In my opinion, the price for continuous monitoring is well worth the peace of mind. Restoring your identity after it's been stolen can be a hassle, but with TruthFinder's Dark Web monitoring you'll be notified of the threat in real time and you can change your passwords before the damage is done, they will even help you restore your identity at no additional cost. I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends and family.